Friday, November 16, 2007

Just a two point perspective drawing. There is a story to this. however, to make a long story short. This man was tired of being taken advantage of. So out of the blue he found "Land Pirates, villians for hire." in the phone book. For these pirates, buisness was not so good out on the open seas.
This is a one point perspective of an alien invasion.

For this assignment we has to study trees, Rocks, and clouds. Then we had to make them into a character from a picture that the teacher provided. Just another treeman

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Designer Toys

In Joe Olsens class our assignment is to create an urban vinyl toy. I guess there is a market for toys that are weird. So here are some ideas.

The cactus turned out to be the final one. It shows my Arizona roots.

Friday, November 9, 2007


This little character got such a reaction out of my classmates. This was when that it was finally confirmed that i am disturbed.
Because of the reaction to the frog above, i thought why not make a brother. This is Ernie. He likes to sing.

At work we are working on a commercial that involves a caveman. these were just some early doodles i came up with. I like the Brother Brigham one myself.

that monkey looks like it's about to snap. Don't trust monkeys! ,
This is a result of boredom, while waiting for renderings.

Without further adieu...

Our first assignment, the hillbilly. we were suppose to draw a shape and then make it into something. My wife made the shape, i filled it in. Very few of my drawings make me laugh out loud. This one for some reason or another cracks me up. (this was my first illustrator drawing)

Villians are so fun to draw. They just have so much character.
My Wife talked me into getting a chihuahua (sigh). my brother says i have to turn in my "manhood" card. Well... this is what she looks like. Her name is Peanut. Ryan Woodward character design class. Assignment, draw a dog with personality. This dog reminds me of my wifes old dog Taz. Those things are weird looking.

The beginnings (age7)

I did these drawings when i was seven. For some reason i have a facsination about boats and dinosaurs. One would think i would grow out of it, but i still have a fondness that has intensified. Dinosaurs are the best, especially bucked toothed ones. I think the caveman looks like that sewer monster from the X-files.
Our second grade class was given the assignment of coloring groundhogs for groundhogs day. You could only imagin what what teacher though of me. I though mine had the most character. Alright, i have been pulled into the blogging world, where is myself control? However i think this is good for me. It will make me want to do better art, seeing that now the whole world can see it (donations are excepted). So here we go, i will take you to the beginnings. I think it is always a good idea to see where you have been, to know where you are going and if improvement has taken place. Let the drawings begin.