Friday, November 9, 2007

Without further adieu...

Our first assignment, the hillbilly. we were suppose to draw a shape and then make it into something. My wife made the shape, i filled it in. Very few of my drawings make me laugh out loud. This one for some reason or another cracks me up. (this was my first illustrator drawing)

Villians are so fun to draw. They just have so much character.
My Wife talked me into getting a chihuahua (sigh). my brother says i have to turn in my "manhood" card. Well... this is what she looks like. Her name is Peanut. Ryan Woodward character design class. Assignment, draw a dog with personality. This dog reminds me of my wifes old dog Taz. Those things are weird looking.

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Liz and Ben Family said...

It's incredible seeing the progress you have made since I've last seen your ar, and it has been awhile.
The characters you have drawn look like already done up characters from a movie. Does that make sense?
It's a compliment