Thursday, April 24, 2008

Final Product

So here is my Final product. This is i believe my third painting i have ever done on the computer. I still have such a long way to go, but i am ready to put in the time to learn more. It was a lot of fun to come to the end result, and my process is listed below. So see what it's like to go into my mind and find where the inspiration comes (just remember no sudden movements and no shiny objects).

The Making of. . .

Alright, so i always think it's fun to get in the mind of an artist and think where his inspiration comes from. The thing I find fascinating is how much the "Greats" use real life as reference, and the more i do it, the easier inspiration comes to me. So with this comes the assignment from the Cactus Toy I had posted earlier. The assignment was to take the toy and use real life references and create a Halloween themed creation. So with out further adieu. . .
Obviously, since my toy was a cactus i figured I needed to stick with that. The funny thing is that i didn't think anything Halloween themed would come out of this. Little did I know that the prickly pear cactus reminded me in some strange way an octopus. which lead me to what i researched next . . .
The octopus is an awesome creature with beautiful curves. Wow! that last line makes me sound kind of creepy, as if i was coming on to an octopus. Could you imagine though, having an octopus as a girlfriend? She would be all hands. HA!!!!! alright thats not funny, but still it would suck. (Get it!) Okay, moving on. . . (notice here i had an idea that became the end result in the top left corner. However, i did not know it at the time. I still had more research to do.)
Google is great! I know it is not a real life reference, however, you can find a picture of anything and everything. One of the first things i researched was Halloween, and got this awesome picture of Boris Karloff, which inspired me to make these little Frankenstein cactus.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just trying a new style
A little bit of nature