Friday, January 11, 2008

I like elephants

I would be grumpy too!

Smart Elephant
These are the characters I did for part of a final. In order from left to right we have Lazy-eye Slim, Knuckles, May Bell, and Tex ( who is from Alabama).
So if you look earlier at the blog, one would have notice a catus. It is that same cactus that has transformed into a new assignment that happened around Halloween. So here is Frankencactus. He is angery because he does not like Papaya.

I don't know how long this girls pet is going to live without water.
That's right this was done in color pencil. If one remembers those are pre-computer age. looks like i am a bit rusty.
This really sucks! (for the pelican, if I thought it was THAT bad i wouldn't have posted it)